Selected projects are listed below. To see all my publicly available projects see my Github page.

Adobe Crossword

A playable crossword based on XKCD’s “Encryptic” solving password clues from the Adobe password leak of 2013. Featured on

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A Rust tool designed to help speedrunners practice the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy by manipulating the memory of the game to allow flying, resetting position, and skipping cutscenes.


A configuration tool for clang-format to set up configurations, with a dynamically updating preview of the formatting changes.

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Lego colour matcher

A pure utility using Rebrickable’s database to find the Lego colours that match HTML or hex colours most closely.


A stream overlay of inputs to a Nintendo 3DS acquired via NTR debugging information. See it in action in the bottom right on our Triforce Heroes Speedrun.


A configuration tool to adjust and preview Sass themes.

Advent of Code

Solutions for all 50 stars of Advent of Code for the last 3 years. Previously in C++ and currently in Rust, next year who knows?