WPA Enterprise networks on rooted Android 1.6

So I spent a while in DCS (Department of Computer Science) today trying to get my phone to connect to the network.

For some reason on the Cyanogen ROM I’m using at the moment (I don’t know about the official 1.6 build) wireless certificates were failing to install properly. They appear to install fine, however the drop down for certificates still shows no entries when one tries to connect to a network.

The easiest solution (at least for users with root access) to this appears to be to transfer the certificates to ones SD card and then edit the file /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf to add a new network.
Assuming one is connecting to the wifi in DCS this looks something like this:

    group=CCMP TKIP

If one tries to connect beforehand then there will already be an entry for dcs_wl which can be edited.

Voila, it now connects automatically.

From what Chris Sinjakli has said, he found connecting to the network significantly easier so it may well be that more recent ROMs don’t have this problem.

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  • Sinjo says:

    Yeah, with the newer Cyanogen 5 ROM it worked without any issues. I never got it working with my stock 1.6 ROM, though the certificates were selectable, it just refused to connect.

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