Having recieved my GBA Movie Player and got someone in Edinburgh to flash my DS I’m finally ready to start developing code for the Nintendo DS. I spent last night getting a development enviroment set up and doing a couple of demo programs, I’m happy now that I can take something a bit bigger so I’m hoping to do something a bit more complex than “Hello World” next, I’ll probably mess about with some sprite based games before heading towards 3D stuff.
So, any ideas for games?
BTW iDeaS is an emulator for the DS.
Also I’ve got a Game Boy emulator on my DS no so I can play old school games such as one of my favourite games of all time:

In other news:
E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) looks interesting so far, Revolution (I refuse to use its new name) games look pretty neat, if, like the XBox 360, it has a VGA converter cable I may even have to get one for myself.
NWN2 trailer i out, just a pre-rendered cinematic though, looks rather different to the in-game graphics I’ve seen.