I’m posting this from my mobile phone of all things. I discovered Opera Mini in the last few days and have been using it ocassionally to check e-mails and blogs etc.
Opera with its ery nice small screen rendering is also in the works for the Nintendo DS (here) which should be good if it gets released in the UK, currently its only scheduled to come out in Japan but I know I’d buy it, even if just for the novelty.
changes off phone due to lack of battery
On that note there is also a new version of the DS coming out, the DS Lite, trying to tap into the iPod marked and going for the all white look, I believe there will also be a black version coming out as with recent iPods and an ice blue version which looks quite nice. 3d models of them here (click on the pictures below to go to a model of each you can move around as you like) and pictures here (click on the arrows to view other images).
Looking nice about the DS lite: Longer stylus, adjustable screen lighting, possibly less painful corners.
Not so nice: Different charger socket, GBA games stick out, Start and select buttons are in different positions.
Also on the subject of the DS if anyone wants it my Mariokart friend code is 004358-517180.

In other news I’m up to episode 11 of season 2 of “Lost” and should be watching 12 tonight, 13 and 14 too if 13 has arrived.