Well, I gave in at last and “aquired” series 1 of “Lost” and watched all 24 episodes in 4 days (a lot of late nights).
I have to say that I have been intrigued by it since I saw the trailer at the cinema and would probably have watched it on TV when it came out if I had a TV.
I thoughly enjoyed it and will get the second season too, it may not be up to the hype but its still damn good.
The hype is pretty damn stunning though. I’m not sure whether ABC or fans have set them up but there are relitively realistic sites for Driveshaft (Charile’s band) and Oceanic Airlines which I think is possibly bit much.
If you haven’t sseen to the last episode of season 1 then there may be spoilers below.

Polar bears. So far there have been at least 2, I think that they came with the French Chick and Co when they came over for their science expedition, looking at how animals cope in different enviroments isn’t that uncommon, even if it was meant to be somewhere else they were going. They may even have been taking them to Antartica for experiments as that is apparently fairly close.

The Hatch. My first thoughts were that it was some sort of submarine which had run aground and then been covered, not too inconiveable considering where the “Black Rock” was. This was kind of discredited when I saw how far down the ladder went inside the hatch, possibly something to do with the “monster”.

The Monster. I’m fairly sure that it isn’t an actual monster, whatever it is sounds mechanical to me. I think that whatever it is is underground too, it tried to drag Lock down into that hole. When the trees get ripped out of the ground I think they’re being pushed up out of the ground instead of pulled, they don’t look like there is a lot of strain on the top of them and when they are moving around in some of the shots there doesn’t seem to be anything at the top of them.

The Others. I think that, tying into the last two items that they have some sort of system of tunnels and are controling the monster. It would explain how they got to the black fire without leaving footprints (although that could just have been the tide) and would explain how they seem to appear and dissappear all over the place without warning. I also think that the others may well have been the people in the boat who took Walt.

Other theories etc are welcomed.

Oh, and this was the first time I’ve used the Draft function on blogger, due to having a lunch break.