If any of you have seen the beta of Internet Exploder 7 then you will, I should hope, recognise it as a complete rip off of Firefox.

If you have ever used Firefox you will recognise the tabs, the search box, the RSS symbol. Not only are they present, they are all in almost the exact same place and work in the same way. I assume that Microsoft realised the competition had features that it didn’t and copied the code line for line (Firefox being open source).

However this update is undoubtedly an improvement, although I won’t be switching to it.
The nicer updates which caught my eye were:
The inclusion of PNG alpha transparency (finally) which has annoyed me for ages and ages due to having to make all my tranparent images GIFs just because there were so many people using IE.
Closer W3C compliance, although I don’t know how closely it complies.
The other main updates can be found here.