Ok, I’m giving into the pressures of James and Niki:
I don’t have a lot to say here as my life is remarkably free of drama, just a few bits and bobs.

I have built myself a new computer, took about a month longer than it should of due to the fact that in the original order of the parts they sent a PCI-E instead of AGP version of the graphics card I wanted, I sent this back and ordered an AGP version, just after nVidia decided to stop producing AGP GeForce 6800’s after a couple of weeks of trying to order from places that claimed they still had some in stock. None of them did so I eventually went to (horror of horrors) E-Bay where I got the card I wanted fairly cheap and so far its worked beautifully.
I now have a shiney new computer dual booting WinXP and Ubuntu 5.10 (you better be happy Keir).
I am going to finish this post here due to the fact I have to go out and do the family shopping which my mum has press ganged me into doing for her during my lunch break.

Stay alive.