Hello everyone, if anyone actually reads this.

Its almost that time of year again (INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A Pirate DAY!!!) so that means that I have now had the blog for about a year, with less than 12 posts that is pretty pathetic.

live update: I now have a job in a small company in St.Andrews called Fluid Gravity (its jsut above Costa) doing fluid simulaitons and things, can’t talk about it too much due to the fact that i’ve signed the official secrets act O_O

i passed my Driving test in June when I also turned 18 so now I am ferrying the rest of my family aobut the place.

I got straight A’s in my exams which I am rather chuffed with given that I thought I had failed Physics and got a C in Mechanics
THis earns me a place at Warwick university in a years time, so I will be off there when the time comes

random stuff:
My laptop got knocked off a bench, through no fault of my own, yesterday and is now held together with duck tape (though still working)

The paper chase: has anyone heard of it? It was a big string of clues in various books and journals in Cambridge universiy libary. I am currently setting up a similar thing on the web (yes, I know there are a load of them out there) so keep a look out for clues.

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