Due to popular demand and the fact that I said i would after my prelims were over I’m gonna post so here we go:

prelims went alright overall, I thought I failed both maths and physics, I was right about physics which I did abysmally in but I was surprised when Dr Waterston threw my paper down with an A circled on it. I did reasonably in our mechanics paper and though we haven’t had our papers back I thought that Tech Studies went really well.

the main point of my post is, as it says in the title, PK or Parkour or, if you have seen Jump: London or Jump: Britan, Free-running, if you have not heard of any of these it is basically throwing yourself around a city or other enviroment, running around, and pulling off tricks. go to www.screwgravity.com for more info.

I only recently looked at Parkour, not having seen either of the aforementioned tv programs due to lack of a tv, because someone posted it on one of the forums I check , however after seeing this I looked up all the websites on it I could, found out that some people were meeting ro do some parkour in Edinburgh on Satuarday so I went along because it looked really fun and lo’ and behold it was, everyone was real friendly and helped you get into the sport. I can now say that I am truley addicted to PK, I will be going again next satuarday for the session at a gym where I hope to achive a wallflip.

oh and watch this flash video, its got to be the best thing I have ever seen done with flash, not just because is has PK in it but just because it is really well done.

“La Liberte” (sorry its in an exe file but thats how I got it)

I also have a new E-mail address: LordZed0@gmail.com (w00t 1 gig storage, I’ve already used up 11% of it)

oh and I hope you get well soon Niki, don’t worry about things too much