I know I haven’t posted for a long time but thats no excuse for you all to start dropping dead. First it was Mike with his “Oh.. I think I’ll get up and walk about a bit more and then drop down dead again.” Now it is Kier who for some dubious reason (which I’m sure that Davus and Mr.T are making sound a lot worse than it actually is) has died although I hear that ninewells have done a good job ressurecting him although all the rites seem to be taking a while.

I’m now wondering who is going to drop dead next.

Will it be Robert which will mean that I don’t have to get my ass in gear and write him a profile? (any suggestions for it would be appreciated although I don’t want any controversy over it despite the fact that he clearly used to participate in the type of rituals used to make small children’s teddy bears stand up and strangle them) I’m also slightly worried that he used to keep an axe under his bed.

Will it be Davus so that I can finally throw away my contact lenses which have a special layer in the middle that do not allow light of wavelengths between 620-585 nm to pass through them?

Or will it be Connor so I can nab his physics project, which is vastly superior to mine, and get a deccent grade for AH physics which for some reason seems to be one hell of a lot harder than Higher

anyhow I’ll take your bets on who the next victim will be.

you may have noticed that I have omited Mr.T from my list, this is because I cannot belive that such a happy camper could possibly be extinguished in its prime, no he will have to go at least one step further (either that or give the profits from his little production company, Dramatic Gasp who seem set to make quite a name for themselves in time, to me in his will).

I’ll leave you to ponder which of them is the most doomed.

Stay Alive (you damn well better)