Well what have we here?

Watch this

can anyone work out how they fold that shirt so fast? if so please tell me because I could really use knowing how to do that when I’m worknig at Oxfam. would it work with a long sleved shirt?

I haven’t posted for a while because my life is altogether too boring, not much to report, loads of people have been off last 2 days becasue of open days in Glasgow and I was off on the highly aclaimed Peer Tutoring day on Monday, they tried to convince me to do scribing though I’m fairly sure my hand writing would have been worse that the tutoree.

There you are, told you I’d get a blog up by 10 today, I hope that Sonja and Rebbeca had a good day back at school.

Stay Alive



  • Arun says:

    you promised, and deliverd…just.
    ur life cant be that boring, once a week isnt too much to update ur blog. also gives me a chance to catch up wi u and see how things r goin if i dont get to use msn for a bit.
    anyway, be gna go to bed in a bit. peace

    10: print “this is the sig that never ends”: goto 10

  • Niki says:

    no sorry don’t know, i can’t fold a shirt properly full stop, let alone that quick, maybe theres a course?
    Come on life can’t be that bad, it’s all good
    keep smiling crazy

  • Anonymous says:

    hey hey, sonja has a reasonably good (due to the receiving of various gifts) day back at school!


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