Sorry about the late posting of this but our internet went down for no apparent reason earlier for a couple of hours.

I was wondering what everyone thinks is going to be the next big craze for the primary schools? I remember that the three biggest ones, I’m sure that there were others, we had were Pogs (you know the small disks of card that you stacked up in a pile and then tried to flip over as many as you could), Tamagochis (the electronic pets) and Yoyos (for those of you with leaky memories: the things that went up and down the strings).

I was at my cousin’s in England and it was apparent to me that Pokemon cards had struck a lot harder there in the primary schools than it hit us.

I think that the next big craze will be little working pocket robots whose parts you can swap with your friends in the hope of building the ultimate robot

See if you can come up with something a little more imagianative, I don’t have much time to think of anything but when I do I’ll post it.