Alright, heres my first real post:

I went to Norway this summer and I was dreading what the weather would be like because of reports from people I know who live there and I was being given reports of the temperature scale like this(fortuneately it was sunny all the time though):

+15°C This is the warmest it gets in Norway, so let's start here; The Spanish put on winter coats, hats and mittens. Norwegians sunbathe. +10°C The French desperately try to start the central heating in their homes. Norwegians plant flowers in their garden. +5°C Italian cars don't start. Norwegians cruise around in convertibles with the top down. 0°C Water freezes. The water in the Oslo Fjord thickens slightly. -5°C People in California nearly perish from the cold. Last barbecue of the season in Norway. -10°C The British run up the heat in their houses to max. Norwegians put on a long-sleeved sweater. -20°C Australians leave for home, shellshocked. Norwegians realise that summer has turned to autumn. -30°C Greeks die of cold by the thousands and disappear from the face of the earth. Norwegians start to dry their laundry indoors. -40°C Paris cracks and crumbles into pieces from the cold. Norwegians stand patiently in line to buy hot dogs. -50°C Polar bears evacuate the North Pole. The Norwegian army postpones their winter manouvres, waiting for real winter weather. -60°C Santa Claus moves south. Norwegians are frustrated, as they can no longer store moonshine outdoors. -70°C The Norwegian army commences their winter manouvres -183°C Microbes in food die. Norwegian cows complain that the hands of the milkers feel cold. -273°C All atomic movement ceases. Norwegians agree: "Shit, today it really feels cold outside!" -300°C Hell freezes over. Norway wins the Eurovision Song Contest."