…But I would walk five hundred miles…

…ok well maybe only one hundred…

Well I am glad to say that I managed it in a time of 33 hours and 59 minutes. I got to the last checkpoint at 7:20 (33 hours and 20 mins) with 3.2 miles to go over a hill and was wondering whether I would managed to finish in under 34 hours, I got in to the school at the end just as the church bell was chiming. =)

I was going to go for a Marvin like approach to this post (i.e. “The first twenty miles were the worst. The second twenty, they were the worst too. After that I went into a bit of a decline…”) but I changed my mind at about 80 miles round the route when I got into a checkpoint where they happened to be playing “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” as I left and it stayed in my head for a while and I decided it would make a good title.
You can listen to the whole song on the Proclaimer’s site here (Track 4 under “The Best Of…”) although unfortunatley you have to have Real Player (or Windows Media Player Classic).

Anyway, onto the actual walk. I promise I will get photos up when they are developed (I wasn’t the one taking the photos) and I will then scan my certificate too.
The start was fairly easy and pretty fast, I did 8.12 miles in an hour and 50 minutes, ariving at the first checkpoint 10 minutes before they were allowed to let people through. From then on it got a bit slower although until the fourth check point at thirty miles it was reasonably fast going. After that the route went over Windy Gile among other bumps along the Cheviot ridge which slowed things down a little bit, however props to the mountain rescue who were on checkpoint duty there between 6 in the evening and 6 in the morning (on a bloody windy and cold ridge). I got down off the hills and into the next checkpoint just as it got dark and I spent a good twenty minutes there equiping myself with a torch and easting cheese pastys. Then we went up over a marilyn which my dad was very annoyed he had not yet been over and the Marshals walk skirted around (however he took some time to go up it as he was sweeping the route). It got light eventually and I got to my preakfast point which was great. Just after breakfast I slowed to a crawl but eventually sped up about five miles later just in time to avoid getting lost where the route description was rather vauge.
The 10th last to the 3rd last miles weren’t great as they were pretty much entirely on roads. =(
I did survive though and manage to do over 4 miles an hour at the end to get into the finish in a pretty good time.

My mum also drove around the route and walked along with me or some stretchs which was nice and gave me someone to talk to (though I talked to random other walkers that I happened to be walking by).
I was the only 18 year old to take part (the average entrant is about 50) although there were a couple of other guys below twenty (one of him had his 19th birthday two days beforehand).

Anyhow I’m glad its over and I’ve no idea how I got talked into doing something so stupid.

Its a long way to Tipperary

Yeah, well the title doesn’t have a lot to do with the post but anyhow. This time tomorrow I should be starting on the stroll I’m going on. I’m hoping it won’t take too long, I’m looking at around 36 hours (30 hours walking, 6 hours stopping at checkpoints etc) hop over to this site. The weather isn’t looking great, I suspect I’ll be pretty wet by the end, not that I’ll really notice it at that point.
My dad completed this walk in 28 hours a few weeks ago under tougher conditions but he has done 22 of them before…

I have now seen up to the end of season 2 of LOST, which as I predicted leaves a lot of questions, although you can answer a few of them by looking at the Hanso Foundation site. There are a few interesting sites and e-mail addresses connected to it (doing WHOIS etc) but so far they haven’t yielde anything of interest.

In other news: finishing work on Wednesday, not seen X3 yet.

It Takes a Lot of Balls…

To make something like this:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube diovan online.com/embed/hyCIpKAIFyo?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

In other news programing the DS is strange, lots of odd settings.


Having recieved my GBA Movie Player and got someone in Edinburgh to flash my DS I’m finally ready to start developing code for the Nintendo DS. I spent last night getting a development enviroment set up and doing a couple of demo programs, I’m happy now that I can take something a bit bigger so I’m hoping to do something a bit more complex than “Hello World” next, I’ll probably mess about with some sprite based games before heading towards 3D stuff.
So, any ideas for games?
BTW iDeaS is an emulator for the DS.
Also I’ve got a Game Boy emulator on my DS no so I can play old school games such as one of my favourite games of all time:

In other news:
E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) looks interesting so far, Revolution (I refuse to use its new name) games look pretty neat, if, like the XBox 360, it has a VGA converter cable I may even have to get one for myself.
NWN2 trailer i out, just a pre-rendered cinematic though, looks rather different to the in-game graphics I’ve seen click this site.

The Bunkhouse

This past weekend I have been down in the Breacons (South Wales) on our annual family friend get together. We meet up with a load of my parent’s friends from CUYHA (Cambridge University Youth Hostel Association), which most of the people they have kept in contact since university were members of. So for the past 11 years a bunkhouse (a building with some beds and cooking facilities) has been rented and everyone has bundled in for a weekend of walking, playing football badly, pontoon (that looks odd when you write it out) and reminicing. Rather dissapointingly this year there were no actual games of pontoon and only one game of football, despite the great pitch we had (meaning it was roughly flat and reasonably sized) click now.
I also did two twenty mile walks in preperation for the hundred mile walk I’m planning to do at the end of the month. My dad did the marshals walk for the 100 (about a month prior to the actual walk a few of the better walkers go round to check the route description is accurate and it isn’t too too hard) and said it was one of the easiest walks he’d ever done. While this sounds promising he also said that there was a lot of walking along roads which doesn’t appeal to me a lot, walking along a road after 20 miles is bad enough let alone 5 miles after 80 miles of walking.

In other news I will also be finishing my job as a spy at the end of the month and I am planning to head to Canada for a couple of months after I go to Holyrood Palace to get my Duke of Edinburgh’s award on the 6th July.