Au Revoir

Well I failed to post again on Monday and I’m afraid this post will also be a little short.

I’m going off to France Skiing for 9 days this afternoon (something like 15 hour train journey from Leuchars, to London, through the tunnel and across France to Val Thorens. I’m not sure whether there will be any internet access there although I do have my trusty Backtrack Live CD to crack into any wireless networks that may be floating about.

The skiing will hopefully be good, I need to try out my snow-blades more, although for the majority of the time I will be on skis. I’ve not been there before so I hope the snow is still decent.

For anyone who is interested I’ve been developing that graphy thing, it is now here (moved from my normal webspace to somewhere that can handle with php). You can now upload a .obj file (can be saved from most 3d modelling programs) and view it in wire frame, sudo-render or a combination of the two.

Well until Mondey after next Au Revoir

Too Much time on my hands….

That was Keir’s comment when I showed him something I had been working on over the last week. Inspired by <a href="http://www crestor”>Canvascape by Benjamin Joffe I have had a go at deeloping a 3d graph plotter using Javascript and the new canvas tags. It is in no way finished but you can look at what I’ve done here. Currently you have to move the graph about using the boxes below (note that instead of clicking loads you can click once and then hold down enter), I am currently working on mouse support. Then I’ll probably have a look at rendering surfaces.
You also need to have a browser which supports the canvas tags (currently Firefox 1.5, Opera 9 and Safari 1.3 I believe)
This is also vaugely related to some work my mum is doing on e-learning but I’m not sure whether it will get used or not.
Oh, and apparently theres some javascript you can’t put on you blog.

In other news: I went for a nice walk at the weekend, 23 miles up and down hills in the North of England in the snow.