Happy Christmas Everyone

This years card I designed:

Christmas Card

On other topics:
Google has really annoyed me with the way blogger works, I have managed to get my blog almost completely w3c valid xhtml 1.0 strict (this probalby won’t mean anything to anyone but Kier) apart from the small javascript component, though I don’t mind giving that a miss too much. What annoys me is that the code Blogger uses for comments makes the code non-valid by using <BR> instead of <br />
for example, thus I can’t put the little logo up as it would show on the comment pages too which are (because of this) not valid xhtml 1.0 strict.

Been listening to The Silent Force by Within Temptation, so far I’m liking it, a nice vocal and not too heavy music

Happy Christmas everyone.

“Am I out of my mind or yours?” – Me

Peer Pressure

Ok, I’m giving into the pressures of James and Niki:
I don’t have a lot to say here as my life is remarkably free of drama, just a few bits and bobs.

I have built myself a new computer, took about a month longer than it should of due to the fact that in the original order of the parts they sent a PCI-E instead of AGP version of the graphics card I wanted, I sent this back and ordered an AGP version, just after nVidia decided to stop producing AGP GeForce 6800’s after a couple of weeks of trying to order from places that claimed they still had some in stock. None of them did so I eventually went to (horror of horrors) E-Bay where I got the card I wanted fairly cheap and so far its worked beautifully.
I now have a shiney new computer dual booting WinXP and Ubuntu 5.10 (you better be happy Keir).
I am going to finish this post here due to the fact I have to go out and do the family shopping which my mum has press ganged me into doing for her during my lunch break.

Stay alive.