Ping… Pong…. Ping….. Pong….. Ping…. 3D Pong!

Here we are again, yes Miss Crazy I know I hardly ever post.

I have now passed my Driving theory test (33 out of 35 on multi choice and 61 out of 75 on Hazard perception) and I am going to start having driving lessons on the 25th so that I know what the standards are for passing the final test as I have no idea how good I will have to be to pass.

I have finally got an offer from a university after all the hassal with millions upon millions of forms to fill in. Warrick is offering me ABB including maths which I think that I can probably achive without too much difficulty although I may have to start working a little more at home because at the moment I do next to nothing.

I hope no one had any difficulty finding this blog now the location has changed. The reason for the change is that if I have it here I can make the rest of my webpage (not yet complete) with my blog integrated and still be able to update it fairly easily through the blogger system which very kindly allows you to use your own space.

here is a 3D version of the ancient video game classic “Pong” for you all to play (WARNING: it is extrememly adictive)

Go here for 3D Pong

EDIT: changed to a link as it was taking too much time loading and wasn’t formatting properly for IE users

wow, almost a month since I last posted, I’ve been way too busy, I finished my UCAS and hoped that it would all be over but no, now I get a form from some of the Unis asking things that was already on my UCAS form and other stupid questions that could easily either be asked at an interview or found out on the internet or from the school. Then I had a form to fill out for Year in Industry which I don’t reccon I’ll get into but I thought I’d take a shot at anyhow and now I have to revise for my driving theory test on Satuarday, I hope to hell that the screens that I sit my test on are better than that of my laptop becasue on this I can barely make out that pedestirean that I’m supposed to be able to see 200 metres up the road or see whether that lorry is moving or stopped.

I can now see reems and reems more forms coming my way when everyone else applies and those universitys that haven’t yet done anything will get their asses in gear and decide its time to reply

On the plus side I have been for an Interview at Warwick which I thouhgt went fairly well, I was also very impressed by Warwick’s campus and facilities

I combined this with a visit down to London to see Sonja, Rebecca and Arun which I thouroughly enjoyed (no snide comments please Dave)

oh and if any of you are getting frustrated at windows and want to upgrade to a more bug free version you can get Windows RG here

Stay Alive