I’ve just gone back to my standard routine of going to Tae Kwon Do class every week but after having been away for the summer with no one but my sister hitting me I’ve found that getting hit hurts! I expected to go back and find while getting hit isn’t the most convenient thing to happen its no major set back but it seems that many of the people in my class have been going to other classes else where and keeping their strength up so that they can pound the living daylights out of me now I get back. Anyhow I’m now back in front of my laptop bored with large bruises all over and generally feeling depressed and sore.

Stay alive


This is what you get when you go to random sites that get posted on forums:

If you haven’t been sick yet you are a less dizy man than I(or possibly a less dizy woman than I).

For more random stuff go to eBaum’s World

Thanks to everyone who has been good enough to grace this site with their pressence, oh alright alright, thanks to Davus too for providing half the comments so far.

Stay alive


Summer in Norway

Alright, heres my first real post:

I went to Norway this summer and I was dreading what the weather would be like because of reports from people I know who live there and I was being given reports of the temperature scale like this(fortuneately it was sunny all the time though):

+15°C This is the warmest it gets in Norway, so let’s start here; The Spanish

put on winter coats, hats and mittens. Norwegians sunbathe.


The French desperately try to start the central

heating in their homes.

Norwegians plant flowers in their garden.


Italian cars don’t start.

Norwegians cruise around in convertibles with the

top down.


Water freezes.

The water in the Oslo Fjord thickens slightly.


People in California nearly perish from the cold.

Last barbecue of the season in Norway.


The British run up the heat in their houses to max.

Norwegians put on a long-sleeved sweater.


Australians leave for home, shellshocked.

Norwegians realise that summer has turned to autumn.


Greeks die of cold by the thousands and disappear

from the face of the earth.

Norwegians start to dry their laundry indoors.


Paris cracks and crumbles into pieces from the cold.

Norwegians stand patiently in line to buy hot dogs.


Polar bears evacuate the North Pole.

The Norwegian army postpones their winter manouvres,

waiting for real winter weather generic crestor price.


Santa Claus moves south.

Norwegians are frustrated, as they can no longer

store moonshine outdoors.


The Norwegian army commences their winter manouvres


Microbes in food die.

Norwegian cows complain that the hands of the

milkers feel cold.


All atomic movement ceases.

Norwegians agree: “Shit, today it really feels cold



Hell freezes over.

Norway wins the Eurovision Song Contest.”

So… Uh… Yeah

Just getting this started, creating the blog took wayyy longer than the 3 minutes it said it would

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